State repression affects us in many ways. Especially as politically active people, we are sooner or later confronted with court cases, fines or police violence. We have joined forces to counter this with legal, emotional and practical solidarity. Our goal is to support affected persons in the best possible way by connecting several Dresden groups that focus on anti-repression work. With the Solidarity Fund we want to establish a well-functioning network of support in Saxony. Currently the Anarchist Black Cross Dresden and the Dresden Legal Team (EA) are involved in the Solidarity Fund.


In Saxony, the CDU has been ruling for about 30 years through repressive politics, which early on placed civic engagement against right-wing structures on the same level with them. Political activism, resistant behavior and alternative lifestyles are often criminalized and thus pushed to the edge of society. The radical left and its struggles are therefore relatively isolated. For example, criticism of police violence and racial profiling is hardly ever heard. On the other hand, the right-wing bias of the Saxon police force is no secret, which makes continuous work in anti-authoritarian structures even more difficult. Solidarity actions to cover the costs of repression bring little money, because there is simply a lack of sympathizers.

Looking into the future does not promise much good. Our groups are struggling in their daily fight against racist and neo-Nazi attacks and their consequences. The simultaneous coping with cases of repression swallows up additional energy. In addition, the AFD, as the second strongest force, moved into the Saxon state parliament in September 2019. In addition, a new police law was passed, which further complicates the possibilities for resistant life and the fight for social justice. But we will not be discouraged.Present, loud and broad alliances, such as most recently the Alliance against the Police Law or repeated small acts of resistance, bring our anger, our topics and our understanding of a society worth living in to the streets. Our struggles against discrimination and exploitation, for climate justice, for a city worth living for all, against patriarchy and the capitalist state are as important as ever. With a steady financial foundation we want to make local activists more independent and less vulnerable. Overburdened structures and individuals should be supported in this way. Since the collecting of money binds forces and thus leaves less time for own political contents, the acquisition of donations is a practical way to show lived solidarity, which benefits the local activists.


We support people who become targets of state repression because of their activism. We will mainly support people from Dresden and its surroundings. The collected money will help those who are confronted with repression because of their political way of life. One goal of state punishment is to isolate us and thus make us incapable of action. With our work we break through this isolation. When it affects some, it affects us all!
We reject any cooperation with police and judiciary and encourage everyone to do the same. Whoever cooperates with state authorities endangers not only themselves, but also their fellow activists. We consider each request for support individually and then decide together whether and how we can provide support.

At regular intervals we publish exemplary cases of support in a transparent manner.


Let’s be resistant together. Let us keep the activists’ backs.

We are dependent on your support. Not everyone can take to the streets on Monday against PEGIDA or occupy coal excavators. Nevertheless, all of you can support the various forms of resistance. Pass on the idea of the solidarity fund, send us your pictures and collect donations.

Solidarity is our weapon.

We are looking forward to your contributions and donations, also in cash.


You can reach us via the contacts of the participating groups

Anarchist Black Cross

Dresden Legal Team (EA)